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Across the Claims Desk

Offbeat, unusual claims that cross insurers desk‘s everyday! SPLASH OF PAINT Unrestrained items in the back of a vehicle can cause more damage than a collision. The claimant driver of a car had a minor collision resulting in tins of paint on the back seat moving freely around the inside of the vehicle, flipping their […]

Fair Employment Seperation

Made redundant or fired? When contemplating firing an employee, proper process must be followed otherwise there is the real risk of the employer facing an unfair dismissal claim. To avoid the risk, some employers use ‘redundancy’ as an alternative to firing. It’s quicker, sounds nicer and is less painful to all concerned but often has […]

Work Experience Liability

Differences in Liability When employers provide work experience to school age students and unemployed people there are distinct differences with liability issues between the two groups. With school students the employer is normally indemnified by the school that the student attends, together with relevant State Government authorities indemnification, in respect of any injury sustained by […]

New Rating System for Homes at Risk

New rating system launched Following the ‘Black Saturday’ and ‘Blue Mountains’ bushfires in recent years, the Australian Government in conjunction with local councils and fire services, has amended the requirements set out in Australian Standard 3959 – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas. A Bushfire Attack Level (commonly known as BAL) Rating has now […]

Trademark Infringed

An Expensive Oversight A small chocolatier based outside of Adelaide, Chocolate @ No. 5, has been forced to redesign its logo after multinational fashion giant Chanel claimed a trademark infringement of its perfume, Chanel No. 5. Chanel disputed the use of ‘No. 5’ in the chocolatier’s logo when the chocolatier recently applied for a trademark […]

Good Staff

How Do You Keep Them? The common misconception is that all you have to do is pay well. Many studies have found that this is simply not the case… in fact, it generally comes in around third or fourth on the employee list of ‘job satisfaction’ priorities. Paying a fair and reasonable salary is expected […]

Tougher transport laws

Penalties to Hit Harder Recent changes to transport laws now hold more individuals and companies in the transport chain accountable for breaches. The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) commenced in 2014 and applies in all States of Australia except Western Australia. The legislation applies to all vehicles that have a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) or […]

Pollution Liability Insurance

A Must-Have For Many Businesses Many business owners are unaware their standard business package insurance will not cover pollution remediation. It’s likely that contractors and other professionals working on major infrastructure and construction projects will have appropriate cover, but the cover is not just for heavy industry. Businesses with high risk include dry cleaners and […]


Weather Events Demand a Closer Look Following on from the previous article in the last edition of Brokerwise, we continue to focus on the impact of Co-Insurance or “Underinsurance” as it is more commonly known. The importance of considering and selecting appropriate and adequate Insurance Policy Limits or sub limits of liability are paramount and […]

Closing your Business?

Don’t Cancel Your Cover The business has closed, it’s no longer trading, no more parts or products being manufactured or imported. No more installations or maintenance. No goods for sale. So, time for retirement or a change in direction. We just need to cancel the insurance. Well, not exactly. There is an element of insurance […]